Squee Spree: Kids vs. Lambs

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Squee Spree: Kids vs. Lambs

Top image source Maryland Zoo

Bottom image source: Cosley Zoo

Today’s squee spree is between the Goat’s and the Sheep’s youngins. Who will win, the kids or the lambs? You decide! Check back on monday to see the results.

Squee Spree! What will it be?

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Squee Spree: Mongoose Wins!

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You squeeps voted and decided you wanted to see more mon-squees! Get ready for more every day this week.

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo)

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Squee Spree: Where’s The Squee?

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Sorry squeeps, I had a super cute cockatiel to share with you for today’s Squee Spree, but now I can’t seem to find him. Oh well…

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via *volar*)

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Squee Spree: Nose Boop Goodbye

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The week of squee takins has come to an end, so give us a nose boop goodbye!

-Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via LA Zoo )

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Squee Spree: Penguin Kisses

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A sweet mama penguin showing her chick some affection, what could be squeer? -Sally Squeeps

Squee! Spotter:
Unknown (via JenFu Cheng)

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