Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Pugs on a Rug

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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Pugs on a Rug

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Unknown (via A Place To Love Dogs )

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Voices in My Head

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Voices in My Head

I jus LUFF my new heerin aidz! Now da voices in my hed r sooo much cleerer!

but erryonez gunna notiss.

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Candy? I Wanted Meth :(

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Candy? I Wanted Meth :(

TV’s Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad.

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Unknown (via Zeppelin Girl)

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Goggie ob teh Week: Carpathian Mountains

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Goggie ob teh Week: Carpathian Mountains

Did you know that the Mioritic is a shepherd dog that originated from the Carpathian mountains in Romania?

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Unknown (via Mioritic Shepherd)

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Off to seez de wizard…

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Off to seez de wizard...

off to seez de wizerd… de wunderful wizerd of oz.

wat if dey dunt let u in 2 teh emerld citee?

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With a Couple of Jovian and Lunar Lights: Jupiter and the Moon…

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With a Couple of Jovian and Lunar Lights: Jupiter and the Moon light up the sky above a rock formation near Kitaibaraki City, Japan. ( Dr. Akira Takaue/National Geographic)

Goggie Gif: There There Kitty

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Goggie Gif: There There Kitty

There, there kitty. Don’t worry your stupid little head about it.

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